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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Little Biscuit that Could...

Wow!!! The Flying Biscuit is making all kinds of headlines today!

I found this article in the Business section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution this morning! To summarize, it says that the restaurant where I work was bought out by a big corporation. NOT TRUE! However, the article sounds very credible. We have been in negotions with Raving Brands for a bout a year now, but nothing has been finalized- and their intent is NOT on buying the Biscuit. The plan is for them to partner with us, in order to help with the franchise effort that we are planning over the next several years. RB is a huge corporation and they have people that specialize in opening restaurants- from demographic specialists to real estate depts, etc. They are partenering with us to help us expand and set a thumbprint for future locations, and the goal is to start franchising after we've opened several restaurants and our "theme" is in place. We will continue to seek out hip and funky neighborhoods to open stores in, and the bottom line is that nothing will change-- except for the fact that there will be more locations than there are now. OK-- here are two of the articles that appeared in the paper today (and online-- the online version currently has 82 comments from readers-- some positive/ some negative):

Raving Brands buys Flying Biscuit
The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 05/17/06
Raving Brands, owner of Moe's Southwest Grill, Doc Green's Gourmet Salads, and Shane's Rib Shack, announced Wednesday it has bought Atlanta's Flying Biscuit restaurants with the intention of franchising the eclectic eatery into a chain.
Raving, which is based in Atlanta, said the acquisition allows the company to get into the breakfast category, a segment it has not covered with its eight other concepts.
"Flying Biscuit is quirky, genuine, and fun — just right for the Raving fans that have come to love our restaurants' great food and relaxed atmospheres," Raving Brands President Steve LaMastra said in a statement.
Flying Biscuit has two locations in Atlanta, the original store in Candler Park and a Midtown restaurant at 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue.
LaMastra said the plan is to open 50 Flying Biscuit locations in 2007 and another 50 in 2008.
The first franchises will be developed in Atlanta, with locations possible in downtown, Decatur, Sandy Springs and the Cumberland/Galleria area.


Flying Biscuits Everywhere?
By Susan Puckett Wednesday, May 17, 2006, 02:24 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
With its gigantic signature cats’ head biscuits and quirky bohemian charm, the Flying Biscuit Cafe quickly rose to become one of Atlanta’s favorite breakfast eateries after its original Candler Park location opened in 1993.
But would it have the same appeal if there were one located on practically every street corner? Raving Brands, the Atlanta-based owner of Moe’s Southwest Grill, Doc Green’s Gourmet Salads, and Shane’s Rib Shack, just announced that it has bought the beloved restaurants with the intention of franchising it into a chain.
Besides Candler Park, there is also a Flying Biscuit in Midtown at 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue. With this plan, there would be 50 Flying Biscuit locations in 2007 and another 50 in 2008.


Stay tuned~~~ There should be another article in the paper/website tomorrow with a rebuttle; telling the truth behind the partnership with Raving Brands, as well as an annoucement of the location of our 3rd store!


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