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Monday, June 19, 2006

OK, Here's the SCOOP!

The show, from my perspective:
Actually I didn't get to see very much of the show, so my perspective is basically from backstage and the dressing room. I arrived early and staked my claim on the smallest dressing room. I figured that if I had the smallest, no one would want to share it with me! I was immediatley put to work- tableclothing the tables and teaching the bartenders how to tap the kegs. Soon, my makeup lady, Jaime, arrived and the transformation began. Her boyfriend Scott took pictures throughout the process- starting with me in sweats and a cap, and ending with me in full drag. I can't wait to see those pics! During the process, a few of the other performers dropped by to chat. I especially enjoyed getting to know Marsha Jenkins. She sat with us and chatted for a while about her other activities as a clarinet player in a Little 5 Points band. She couldn't have been nicer to me and my friends and I regretted that I didn't get to know her better when I first met her at last years show.
Soon we were visited by my buddy Daphne Jenkins. I talk to Daph a lot via email, and always enjoy her point of view. We've never seen each other out of drag so we really only know each other as our alternate personas. That makes the relationship truly unique. I wish we could've had more time to chat, but we were all busy getting ready. Daph does have a few pics on her camera that I'm dying to get my hands on, though! The one of us kissing will probably put the Madonna/Brittney kiss picture to shame!
My little apprentice, Mimi Simone and her b/f Blake whisked in and shared my dressing room. Mimi looked flawless walking in the door and after Blake put a few finishing touches on her, I was afraid that she would show me up! I was truly impressed. She's got a lot of potential and she's just starting out! Keep an eye on this one!
Melisha shared two dressing rooms- she kept her beer cooler in mine and did her getting ready in the larger dressing room. She needed more space- she had two hunky backup dancers that she had to help get dressed (or undressed) and my little room was getting crowded. Melisha wowed the crowd with a Celine Dion song, and I was so happy to see her be able to perform, given her recent health troubles and all. You can't keep a good queen down! I think this years performance was the best I've ever seen from Melisha. She's incredible and I can't wait to see what she does next year!
I think my performances went pretty well, too. I was beginning to panic earlier in the day. I literally felt sick and thought I would have to bow out. I broke out in hives all over and had small panic attacks. I knew that once the costume was on I'd feel ok, but I wasn't sure how the performances would be. I'm glad I didn't back out, because I was able to perform a song I love from Dream Girls. It's a song that I've wanted to perform for 10 years, but never had the guts to do it before. It was a smash! My other performance was a Brittney Spears song and I did it in true redneck fashion- wearing a Nascar pantsuit with a new blonde wig (both purchased on EBay), and a bra that I borrowed from an audience member between numbers (thanks, Kris!).
Other notable moments: Dewberry introducing my first number, Charlotte keeping the performers supplied with beer and jello-shooters throughout the show, my first $20 tip (thanks, Kitty!) and about 30 of my ATL friends, former & present coworkers (including my boss Delia, my right hand man Wayne and my former boy-toy Brent).
Of course the after party at the East Point Corner Tavern is worthy of mention, but it deserves it's own Blog. I'll fill you in on that blow-out soon! Peace!


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