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Monday, June 19, 2006

What a Coincky-Dincky!

My friend, Teresa (aka Momma T) sent me this picture from the PALS benefit last weekend. Teresa didn't know any of these people, and I assume she was just taking a random crowd shot. Little did she know that she captured a huge segment of my life in that random shot!
The two ladies standing to the right are Delia and Wendy. Delia is my friend and employer, and Wendy is her partner who supplies me with graphics for my ads and T-shirts. Behind them is their partner in crime John, our I.T. guy (his partner Wesley was in attendance, but missing from this picture). In front of Wendy is my friend Jeff N. and his friend Luis. I worked with Jeff N. when I was at Rosenbluth International. I haven't seen him in several years. Well, actually I ran into him the night before the show, but we didn't talk about the show so I was very surprised to see him there. On Jeff's left is another former coworker, Dave (he's halfway cut out of the picture- all you can see is the H on his shirt). We worked together at ESC about 3 years ago. I haven't seen him since I left ESC. In the foreground are Jaime and her boyfriend Scott. Jaime and I worked together at Carlson Travel about 4 years ago. I've only seen her once since then, but decided to give her a call and see if she'd do my makeup for the show. She agreed and brought Scott with her- you might be able to tell that he was a little nervous- it was his first drag show! Sitting behind Scott is Jeff W. He's a local real estate agent. In fact, he sold me my house here 6 years ago. I see him from time to time socially, maybe once or twice a year.
As far as I know, none of these people knew each other before this night. I'm not sure how they all ended up sitting at, or standing beside, the same table. I don't know if they even talked or realized that they all had a connection (me) or not. But there they are- my past, present and future in one random crowd shot. Pretty amazing, huh?


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