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Monday, August 07, 2006

Slave to the Biscuit

If you're even thinking about taking a vacation from work, please take my advice-- don't do it! Sure it's nice to get away every now and then, but the problem is that you have to come home. Actually, the problem is that you have to return to work!
I took 4 days off last week and got to spend some quality time with my family. We had a great time and I'm glad that I went. I returned to work today and you'll think that I'm exagerating this when I tell you, but it's the truth: I clocked in at 5:45am this morning-- I clocked out at 10:30pm! Almost 17 hours on the job (in 1 day!), and I'm still not caught up yet. I was in the restaurant more than an hour before we opened and a half hour past closing time.
I'll be able to take some time off later this week, but for now I'm one tired guy and I wonder if the vacation was worth it. Of course it was, and I'd do it again- but paybacks are hell!


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