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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Another productive, pre-dawn day! I was out of bed and in the shower this morning by 3:30am! I had a catering gig at the Botanical Gardens this morning- breakfast for 150 people. I wish I would've taken the camera to the Gardens so I could've taken a picture of the food table-- it was incredible! I had 18 feet of table space for food and drinks, and every inch of it was filled.

By 7am, the catering job was finished and I was back at the Biscuit pinning the new shirts to the walls in the Bakery's "Retail" showcase! The new shirts look great, at least I think so. Very different, very whimisical! I spent a couple of hours folding, bagging and stocking the new shirts, and we actually sold 3 of them the first hour we were open!

Then it was time to water the flowers that I planted outside of the Biscuit a couple of weeks ago. They are growing like weeds (actually, one pot is a weed, but it has pretty blue flowers, so I left it when I was repotting everything). I wonder sometimes why I'm willing to do extra stuff like this? It's a weekend morning and I was free to leave after the catering job ended at 7am, but I stayed and did some extra work. I guess I do it because this is the fun part of my job-- I really enjoy the catering, the retail side of it, and of course the flowers outside have become my private project and retreat. When things get hectic, I go outside and dead-head the flowers, or water them. It's peaceful and I get satisfaction knowing that I am keeping the plants alive despite the drought and high temperatures. (I planted 7 or 8 other planters, too. The front of the Biscuit is covered in flowering plants, but for some reason I'm not able to download the other pictures to the blog).

When I got home, I spend about 30 minutes playing fetch with my wild-child dog, Clara. She really is pretty good at that game. Despite the fact that she doesn't feel comfortable with people, she will get the ball and bring it back to within a couple of feet of me. I can't wait til the day that she actually lets me pet her. She's getting braver and braver. After 2 years of working with her, I've come to accept the fact that she will probably never get past her fears, but she is a very lovable dog otherwise. Her former family must've really done a job on her. I keep working with her as often as I can and maybe someday she'll learn to trust me.


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