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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The King & I

We had a big day today-- it started off with the "Blessing of the Animals" at my church. King was so out of his element! Most of the other dogs behaved- but King was ready to play. He gets very vocal when he wants to play- he barks. I'm sure everyone thought that I'd brought a rabid attack dog to the service, but I knew he was only trying to communicate with the other dogs. By the end of the service, King began to settle down. When it was our turn to be blessed by Father Jim, King sat and extended his paw for a handshake. Father Jim held King's paw as he blessed him. He said "May the Lord bless you and keep you, Make his face shine down on you, and make you the greatest dog in the world, and Brian's best friend." I got goosebumps. While the other dogs were being blessed, we sang hymns. Not really hymns, but those kind of songs that we all used to sing in Vacation Bible School-- songs like "This Little Light of Mine", etc. King started barking and howling. The other dogs joined in and we had a canine choir going. They didn't know the words, but they were happy to sing along!

Today was the Destination East Point Festival. I took King with me for the festivities. He was pretty scared of the crowd- this was a whole new experience for him. We were immediatly approached by a gang from the local Baptist Church. They had a booth and a preacher that would bless pets for free. I declined and told them that we were good- King was just blessed this morning (and he's not Baptist).
King and I were entered in the American Idol Dog Show at the Destination East Point Festival. As you can see in the pictures, King and I were dressed up in our matching Bumblee Bee outfits (thanks, Kitty for doing the last minute alterations!) . We took 1st place in the Dog/Owner Look-Alike portion of the show! Poor King- he was a champ throughout the entire event. I know it had to be confusing for him to be dressed as a bumblebee in the middle of a festival, but he took it on the chin and wowed the crowd!
Way to go, King!


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you are a dork...I still love you though.

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