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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reflections on Fallfest, 2006

The Candler Park Fallfest kicked off today and what an amazing event it is. I worked my booth all day and didn't ever get a chance to leave the "food court", but luckily our booth was set up with a great view of the main stage. Each hour a new artists, or group of artists, performed. The music was incredible! They also had a dog show (called "The Canine Cotillion"). I expected it to be upscale, like the rest of the festival, but the only categories I saw were the tail wagging contest and the dogspeak category. In the tail wag competition, dogs were brought up to the judges and whichever dog wagged their tail the most won the prize. In the dogspeak, the dogs were all brought together and told to "speak". It was cute, the dogs were howling and barking for about 5 minutes before a winner was named. Within 15 minutes, the dog show was over.

Luckily, I was assigned the booth next to the Corner Tavern's booth. We were cooking chicken sausage links on a butane burner-- they had a full kitchen set up and they sold everything from fried shrimp baskets to cheeseburgers and fries. They had a line a mile long the entire time. We got a lot of their overflow- those that didn't want to wait in line came to our booth. Both booths did pretty well over all.

I'll be working the booth again all day tomorrow. I'm adding a few items that I noticed that no one else was selling today-- water, soft drinks, coffee, sausage biscuits. We were told that we weren't allowed to sale drinks because there was one vendor that was selling drinks. I don't know where that vendor was, because no one had any drinks until the beer tent opened. I think the sausage biscuits will be a hit too... especially for the early crowd looking for breakfast food. I sold over $500 in hotdogs today- I want to double that tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

To anyone considering going to the CP Fallfest, I highly recommend it! There are about 130 booths- great art, knick-knacks at cheap prices, etc. And if you're in the market for a sausage biscuit or a cup of coffee, you know where to go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dog show would have been better if I had MC'd it!!! Will try to make the Festival today if my tire isn't flat AGAIN as it was yesterday and several days before that and several days before that...

5:45 AM


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