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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Price is Wrong!

Poor Keisha and Billy Bob-- just the other night they stopped by to brag. They sent a ticket request letter to "The Price is Right" a few weeks ago and they finally received their tickets in the mail last week, for an August 15th taping of the show. Billy Bob says that he is a wiz at those pricing games- he's spent countless hours watching Keisha ring up groceries at the Save-a-Lot, and he's got the prices memorized by now. He doesn't want to play that golf game, or the Alpine Mountain Climber game. The ball under the peanut shell game confuses him, too. He wants to stick with guessing what items cost more than the other items, and he wants to spin that big wheel. He was bragging that he could probably make that wheel spin so fast it'd fall off it's axels. He's a little worried about the Showcase Showdown, too. How do you possibly put a price on a new dirt bike and RV Camper? He's afraid he'll overbid and be disqualified.

I guess they haven't watched the news lately and heard that Bob Barker is retiring in June. They haven't named a new host, and the show may not even be taping when Billy Bob and Keisha take their trip out to LA to use their free tickets. I don't want to be the one to tell them, though. I don't want to dash their dreams of spinning the big wheel and battling it out in the Showcase Showdown.


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