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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

I went to Memphis this past weekend for my Ashley's birthday party. For her birthday, my mother gave Ashley a ring. Mom's grandmother gave her a ring for her 12th birthday and made Mom promise to give this ring to her daughter when she turned 12. My mother adored her grandmother so much, and wore the ring every day until this week when she passed it on to her granddaughter. She wrote the story of the ring and a history of her grandmother, relating the importance of keeping this ring and passing it on to her daughter (or granddaughter). Ashley loves the ring and I'm sure it's amazing to her that her great, great grandmother once wore the same piece of jewelry. I love traditions like this. My family has lots of these types of traditions and some day soon I will write about more of them. Until then, I'll post some more pictures from last weekends trip to Memphis.

This is my nephew, Jaime (16), and his girlfriend, Chelsea (14). They are so cute together and he thinks the world of her. They act like such a couple that it's hard to remember that they are just kids. Ah... young love!

Joel brought his dog, Lucy, with him. She had a good time playing with her cousin, Cosmo (Jim's dog). Lucy was so good in the car- she slept pretty much the entire trip home!


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