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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Media Weather Frenzy, Part II

They aren't calling this one "Winter Storm 2007" yet, but I'm sure that'll be the headline tomorrow, wether or not we get any snow or ice. Right now it's just being called a Winter Storm Watch. By the end of the day tomorrow, they'll be selling "I Survived Winter Storm 2007" T-shirts all around the Metropolitan Atlanta area!

Atlanta is bracing for a 12 hour long ice storm, predicted to hit around 3am tonight. I have to be at work by 5am, so if it does happen I'll be driving through the "eye of the storm".

I don't really understand how we could have an ice storm on a day when the low temp is 34 and the high is 38. Doesn't the temp have to be below freezing (32 degrees) to create ice or snow?


Blogger epgraves said...

I don't think that it will happen but thiz shazit ALWAYS happens on a big day for me thus ruining it!

Already the call has come that we may cancel the mothly board meeting at the society if the weather is bad... THE BIG DAY! The day a play is made that puts me in a seat of distiction!

Then what happens? Glen Burns and Ken Cook come out of their "Happy Place" with their freaking weather wands, Bet it turns them on!

10:51 PM

Blogger beverly said...

Jeez, I took it seriously enough to stock up on candy bars -- can't get through a big blizzard without chocolate!!! Temps in the 40's right now -- doesn't sound like ice or snow to me!!

5:57 AM

Blogger =^..^= Kitty =^..^= said...

I'm always amused how how badly the Metro WANTS snow and ice. I'm so busy at work that I can't afford a "snow day." I'd have to risk it. I was laughing my butt off (look out!!!) watching the highly-paid reporter-journalists standing in the middle of an expressway in the rain looking as though they were attempting to "will" the weather to turn to a blizzard. Funny. They had a shot of the closed Forsyth High School - yes, there was a dusting of snow but the grass could still be seen. I realize that Forsyth is still mainly a rural county with one-lane roads, etc., so it's OK for them to be closed. I'm surprised they don't send out the reporters in snow"person" suits!

8:35 AM


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