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Monday, January 22, 2007

My House

In a feeble attempt to clear some pictures out of my files, I'll take you on a tour of my house! Some rooms will have to be included on a future tour. I apologize that some of the descriptions aren't lined up with the correct pictures. I have faith in you... you'll figure it out! Besides, this tour is free, so I won't be giving refunds to unsatisfied customers!

First up is my living room. I like the way that this room has turned out. It's a little cluttered, but it's full of lots of my favorite things.

This is a close up of my aquarium-- most of the fish seem to be hiding from the camera!

This is the bookshelf in my new office. It was formerly my junk storage room/ laundry room. Now it's an office/ laundry room. I have a computer and a TV in here, and a nice space heater that keeps it cozy. Plus there are windows overlooking my flower garden in the front yard. I'll appreciate this room a lot more once the flowers start blooming this Spring!

This is my guest room. As you can see, I'm not afraid to use bold colors. This room has been painted every color of the rainbow over the past 7 years. When I moved in, the walls were pink and there was yellow shag carpeting. I first used this room as an office- I painted the walls gray, removed the carpet and refinished the hardwood floors. Within a few months, I repainted the room blue. Later I put a white wash over the blue, then painted it red. I ended up having some leftover paint from the kitchen project and used it in the guest room. It's been yellow for a couple of years and will probably stay that way for a while. I like the way that the yellow makes it look brighter. It's a pretty dark room, with only 1 window.

When I first saw this room, I knew I wanted to buy this house. This is the sunroom. It's the biggest room in the house. During the Winter, it's also the coldest room in the house! Three of the four walls are filled with windows. Although I have storm windows, there is still a breeze blowing through this room. I swear every year that I'll invest in some weather-stripping for the door and windows. Maybe I'll take care of that this year!

This last picture is of my back yard, another big selling point for me 7 years ago. I loved the idea of having a huge yard for my dogs to play in. At the time that I bought the house, I looked forward to keeping up a big yard. I pictured lots of flower gardens, trees and shrubs. Maybe even a vegetable garden someday. I soon learned what a hassle it is to care for such a yard. I've learned that the next time I am looking for a house, I'll go for a smaller yard.


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