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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stop the Madness!!!!!

Tuesday night, I went to the Waffle House on Washington Rd. This will probably be the last visit to this particular WH. Why, you may ask? There were 3 employees on duty at the time- 2 of them were talking on their cell phones nonstop throughout my visit. Even the cook was talking on his cell while preparing food, which I know is against health regulations (his phone was in his pocket along with his keys and money- then the phone was in his hand- in theory, everything in his pocket and on his pants came into contact with the porkchop that he picked up and slapped onto the grill with the same hand). The server rang up my order, placed the order, took my money- and never put her cell phone down. This kind of behavior is not just unsanitary, but rude. People that do this are sending a message that their customer doesn't matter. I came home and went straight to wafflehouse.com and logged a complaint.

Today I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work. It was like deja vous. The guy collecting buggies in the parking lot was on his phone. The employees stocking the shelves were on cells. Even the cashier that rang me up had a cell glued to her ear. What is so important that couldn't wait until after work? Why do Managers and business owners allow this? Am I just turning into an old cranky person? I don't think so. I want my business to be appreciated. I want to be thanked for shopping in your store, for dining in your restaurant. If I have a question or need assistance, I'd like to find an employee available to help me. There are so many restaurants and grocery stores out there- you should be flattered that I opted to do business with yours. You should treat me as if I matter; not look at me as if I am an inconvienance- an interruption to your private conversation.

I vow that whenever I am treated this way in the future, I will complain. I will talk to managers, I will fire off emails. I will not continue to give my money to businesses that don't care about customer service. I will make it clear that when I am in your place of business and I am spending my hard-earned money, I expect and deserve your full attention.

I know that it sounds rediculous. Idealistic even. Why am I so aggravated? I just find it very rude and I don't want to support people that treat me rudely.


Blogger beverly said...

And just think -- those employees are talking to people who are also supposed to be on the job!!!

6:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the cell phone thing. What did people do before they were constantly "connected"?


7:52 AM

Blogger single in the city said...


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Blogger single in the city said...


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