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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day used to be a big day in my life. I used to have romantic dinners on the 14th. I'd get roses from my partners; I'd send flowers as well. Sometimes I'd buy those huge greeting cards, sometimes I'd make my own. As a kid, I'd work for weeks decorating my Valentine's Day shoebox, assured that the better my box looked, the more cards I'd get from my classmates.

Things have changed, I guess. The other day I was at Walgreen's and I found myself in the VD section of the store. After a few minutes of browsing, it hit me. I don't have anyone to buy candy for. I don't have anyone to buy a card for. What was I doing there anyway? Then it hit me-- I only visit the holiday aisle of the drug store when I'm looking for a bargain, usually the week following the holiday. My holiday shopping never has anything at all to do with the holiday, I'm more of an "after holiday" shopper. This thought never bothers me when I'm shopping the after-Christmas sale, or when I'm scooping up bags of Halloween candy on November 1st. But it hit me as I stood in the middle of the holiday aisle at Walgreens, staring at the heart-shaped candy boxes that had yet to be marked down to 50% off--- I'm alone. I felt a little sacreligious standing in the midst of others that were shopping for the perfect gifts for their partners. I was like an athiest visiting a Nativity scene. I didn't belong. On the bright side, I will not feel out of place when I visit Walgreen's next week. The idea of love (or the lack thereof) will not effect me as I fill my buggy with cheap bags of candy. And maybe, just maybe, things will be different next year.


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