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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Biscuit Baby!!!

I've kicked this thought around in my mind for a while now-- I want to do an ad advertising our "Kid Eat Free" special. I've ran this type of ad many times, but I've always wanted to do it along with a photo of a real kid holding/eating a biscuit. I had my heart set on a friend of mine's daughters- they were young and pretty- I pictured a photo of them having a tea party at a small table- wearing white Laura Ashely dresses and hats and a huge mountain of biscuits on the table between them.

My plans failed when Julie moved to Hawaii and took her children with her. So, my latest victim is Mia. Her nanny brings her into the Biscuit at least once a day. She's a sweet little girl, but I can't picture her wearing Laura Ashley. I've never seen her wear anything but "Thomas the Train", and her big green rainboots. She wears these rainboots every day, no matter what the weather is!

I took these shots this week-- just as a test. She did a pretty good modeling job for a 2 year old! I'm still looking for my perfect Biscuit model, but so far Mia is in the lead!


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