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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stray Cats

About a year ago, my neighbor, Jan, decided to do something about the stray cat situation in our neighborhood. She set up a few traps and caught them. Once they were caught, she'd take them to the vet and have them spayed/neutered. Then she would release them. I applaud her efforts- I wish I had the time, money and dedication to follow through with something like this. For my part, I decided to start feeding the cats- I put food on my front step every morning. The cats reward me for my efforts by leaving me little presents. Every day when I get home, I always find at least one corpse lying by my front door- mostly moles, sometimes mice. I guess that's their way of saying "thanks". We have a pretty good relationship- they take care of the rodents in my yard, I take care of their food needs. We seldom cross paths, but we know that we can count on each other.

After I lost my Bixby three years ago (can you believe it's been 3 years!), I swore that I wouldn't get anymore cats. And I haven't-- these cats aren't mine. They are happy being outside. They don't want to be petted, they don't want to have any contact. They just want to eat, play with each other and kill moles!

I took the picture above of one of the kitty's last week. Besides this one, I have a siamese and a black one. I don't know the sex of any of them, and I don't even have names for them yet. I often just call them "Kitty", and they often just ignore me or run the other direction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and Jan are doing a teriffic job with the cats. That beautiful tabby doesn't, at all, look like he doesn't have a home! KKatz

8:48 AM


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