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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday at Aunt Jane's

We had a great time at Aunt Jane & Uncle Hub's house on Easter Day. It was sad to think that this would be the last time that we would ever visit "the Farm". Everyone has always called it "the Farm" for the past 30-something years- although they've never raised any livestock, they've never grown a garden and the only 4 legged animal they've ever had was a black lab named Sam, and she died about 20 years ago. Still, to us it will always be "the Farm". After lunch we took the obligatory tour of their new house, just down the street. The carpet is in and the hardwood flooring has been installed. I can't wait to see it after the furniture is moved in-- they'll be calling the new place home in less than a month!
The best part about getting together with this side of the family is that I get to spend time with my cousin Mary. I'll never forget how shocked she was to see that her mother had selected all white appliances. They don't match the cabinetry at all, but she picked the white appliances to match her 20 year old refrigerator. I never would've mentioned it, or even thought twice about it, but it really stuck in Mary's craw that her parents were building a $350k house, and the entire kitchen design revolved around an old refrigerator that will probably need to be replaced soon. Mary has always had a funny point of view, she thinks of things that I would never think of.

After lunch, and after another tour of the "estate of clashing appliances", Rob spotted a black rabbit in the garage. It was a small bunny- probably not wild. It was probably someone's Easter gift- escaped after a few hours of captivity. We chased the bunny all around the house, and I came close to catching it a few times. I got close enough to pet it, but every time that I tried to pick it up, it would escape. After several attempts, I had to ask myself why I wanted to catch this rabbit? Did I want to take it home? No way! Clara would slay this rabbit in a heartbeat. I guess it's just the "Crocodile Hunter" in me. Catch the animal, love on it for a few minutes and release it. I didn't get the opportunity to love on it-- but it was cool to see a rabbit running free at "the Farm" on Easter Sunday. Kind of like a snowfall on Christmas- it was magical!


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