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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I went out the back door to let the dogs in last night. There was the usual flurry of Betty and Shelby rushing through the door together-- but no King. No Clara in sight. I called and called, but they didn't come. That's when I noticed the gate. It was standing wide open. I closed and latched the gate quickly, hoping beyond hope that I wasn't too late. I looked around the yard and in the garage, but King and Clara weren't here. I walked out into the driveway and called their names. Suddenly, Clara came running. I figured it would be impossible to catch her, but she heard me call and came right up to the gate. I opened it, and she ran inside- happy to be home again. But what about King? Shouldn't he have been right there with his Momma? He wasn't. Fearing the worst, I got into my car and drove around the neighborhood. I drove up and down Washington Road, knowing that I'd soon find him- and fearing what I would see when I did. But I didn't find him. I drove down Pearl, and Dorsey. Up and down Eigth Street. No King. No more silly pictures of the goofy dog in holiday costumes.

I came home and sat on my front porch steps and cried. I can't imagine a life without that silly boy. I wailed his name a few more times before I decided that there was nothing else I could do but make some "Lost Dog" posters. Just as I was going inside, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. That big old goofy dog, galloping up the street. He was panting and drooling, but I swear he was smiling, too. I've never been happier in my life. King is home and all is well. For his Easter gift, he's going to take a little trip to the vet's office this weekend to get his microchip inserted. I might even let him wear his bunny ears- I'm sure the staff would get a kick out of that!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad they're home. I'd have been hysterical. Let's just hope Clara didn't find a "boyfriend" -- no more puppies for me!!!

6:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got a big pit in my tummy from reading this account...almost feeling sick. That is one of the worst feelings a pet lover can have. Sorry you had to go through that!! Love Ya. KK

11:02 AM


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