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Friday, April 06, 2007

Wayne's Departure

Yesterday was Wayne's last day at the Biscuit. I say this with a very sad heart. Wayne is my closest friend at work and I will miss him so much. Wayne and I started working at the Biscuit the same week, in June 2004. We shared an office, we shared the same ideals. His departure came as a complete surprise and I don't know that I will recover from this one. Wayne and I made a great team, and he was my biggest supporter. He stood up for me, encouraged me and helped me daily. I've spoken to him several times since his departure- he is fine and will continue to be fine. He doesn't live paycheck to paycheck, like many of us do. Fortunately, he's in a position that will allow him to take it easy for a little while. That's just what he needs- a huge break. He has been the backbone of the company for three years- but the stress and irritation (brought on mostly by the new hire that I recently blogged about) was too much for him, and he didn't need the extra troubles in his life. I can't say that I blame him, but I wish it hadn't turned out this way. I'm going to miss having Wayne around, and I wish him only the best.
Thanks for everything, Wayne. You've been an incredible mentor!


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