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Friday, April 20, 2007

Rosebud Strikes Again!

I was able to do the kindergarten tour of the Biscuit again last week. This group was from the Frazer school-- I had about 40 five-year-olds on these tours (we divided them into 2 groups on 2 different days). I really enjoy working with these kids, and it makes me feel important when I run into them in the neighborhood later and they say hi. Often, they call me by name: "Hey Mr. Brian!". They are small kids, but they have good memories!

Today, one of the kids came in to the restaurant to give me a Thank You card that the class made. They all signed their names to it and even included some photos that their teacher had taken during the tour. Using these photos, I can take you on a tour and you can see some of what the kids see.

We start off in the Prep Room. The kids get to see Mr. Jose mix all of the ingredients to make the biscuit dough. He then rolls out the dough and I help the kids cut their own biscuits. After each child cuts their biscuit, they place it on a cooking sheet. I tell the kids that Mr. Jose will cook their biscuits while we tour the rest of the restaurant. (In reality, the biscuits that they make are not used, but none of the kids have eer figured that out yet!).

From the prep room we go to the walk in cooler-- the kids are always amazed that our "refrigerator" is so big! Next, our dishwasher Mr. Ali does his stuff-- he demonstrates the dishwasher. The kids are never really that thrilled by this part of the tour, but the parents and teachers are always amazed that the complete dishwasher cycle is less than 2 minutes! The kids mostly like seeing Mr. Ali spray the dishes down with a garden hose prior to putting them into the washer.

Next we head down to the line where Mr. Sarr & Miss Jo demonstrate how to flip an egg! The kids always love this part. They flip the eggs high in the air- much higher than they normally do. It's a small area, but the kids don't seem to mind crowding in close together to see the magic egg-flip-trick!

Next, the kids follow me through the restaurant. We play the "quiet game" during this time, so as not to disturb our diners. Our customers really light up when they see me walk through with 20 or so little ones following. The kids are so cute, especially now that they are covered in flour from the biscuit making they did earlier in the tour!

The tour ends in the Bakery where Mr. Jeffery and I pass out the bagged biscuits "that the kids made". Everyone gets a bag and they are able to take it back to school with them and enjoy their biscuits with their lunch.

I remember being about 5 or 6 years old and going to Mathis Dairy for their tour. We all got to milk their prized cow "Rosebud". I remember it like it was yesterday. I just hope that this little tour I do is something that stays with the kids. Thirty-something years from now, I hope to read a Blog (or the equivelant of a blog) from one of these kids recalling their visit to the Biscuit, and that nice Mr. Brian!


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