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Monday, June 04, 2007

Assistant Update

I've received dozens of applications for the Catering Assistant position! Wow, Craig's List is the bomb! I've got several interviews set up for the next couple of days-- hopefully one of these people will be the perfect fit for the job!

I had a little tift with the Prep team today. They were asked to clean the prep kitchen, coolers and freezers. A few of them protested, saying that they were too busy to clean today. The GM told the complainers that they could go ahead and clock out and go home if they didn't want to clean. They all stayed, cleaned the place up nicely, finished their jobs and left at their usual time. However, a few of them told me that they would not be helping me with catering jobs in the future because the GM made them clean today. WTF??? I was most surprised that my biggest supporter and helper was in this group. I have two catering jobs tomorrow-- if she doesn't help with them I will send her home. I hate to d0 this, but it doesn't make sense to me that she feels that she can pick and choose what parts of her job she wants to do. I don't enjoy doing payroll- what if I said that I wouldn't do payroll any more?

Anyway, it's a good thing that I'm getting an assistant- and hopefully one with some restaurant background. It looks like I'll be losing a few members of the backbone team in the very near future.

As I was going through this uprising today, I got a call placing orders that total almost $29,000 during the week of 6/18. This amount is the total of 5 breakfasts and lunches for 500 people. I sent them my proposal, and I'm waiting for confirmation. If they accept my offer, everyone in the restaurant will suffer, but it's only for one week-- we can do it. Especially if I have an assistant to help me!

On a sad note, I lost one of my favorite clients today. The Executive MBA program moved to a new building in Buckhead, and they are required to use the in-house catering that's offered for that building. I'll miss working with them and seeing them each weekend. I've put some feelers out with a few other MBA groups and hopefully one of them will come through.


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Maybe you are too much of a nice guy, somewhere you have a weakness and they have honed in on it. Animals are very cunning and once they find that weakness they go for it. Think about what that may be and work on it. Besides, the type of people that tend to work in or go to lil 5 tend to be the "Rage against the machine" Anarchy types.

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