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Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Fourth...

I didn't brave the crowd to witness the fireworks in person this year. I decided to stay home and watch from my front yard. I've got a great view of the downtown East Point skyline from my street. So the other night I was sitting in the front yard when the show began. What I saw was incredible. All of a sudden, I was distracted by something... a dog! This was the fastest dog I've ever seen-- it was running up and down Westwood like a Greyhound in a race! I was amazed! After a moment, it I realized that this was one of my dogs! Clara had somehow gotten out of the fence and she was darting up and down the street. I called her name and opened the back gate. Within seconds she was back in the yard, safe and secure. Suddenly, Shelby came running from the garage to meet us. I tried to put Shelby in the house, but the back door was locked and I didn't want to leave Clara alone in fear that she'd jump the fence again. So the three of us rode out the rest of the fireworks show together, huddled on the back steps. As the girls panted and hyperventilated with each explosion, I verbally reassured them that it was almost over, and warned them of the upcoming finale. Clara even nuzzled her way beside me on the steps and allowed me to pet her for the first time in 3 years! She was terrified and needed all of the comforting she could get. As soon as the fireworks were over, life returned to normal. Clara has kept her distance ever since, but she hasn't tried to jump the fence again! Shelby recovered as well.


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