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Friday, November 09, 2007

More Emails from Customers (priceless)...

I got this one today from a headless (that's what "decapitated" means, right?) man that is in hopes of being one of Santa's Elves soon ... hmmm. Here's the letter... spelling and grammar errors exactly as they appeared in the original letter:

" I like the flying biscuits a lot. My partner Al use to bring them to me a lot when I was decapitated in my bed from my motorcycle acident. I was so sad when he left because I did not no where he got the biscuits. He wasn’t a good man to me but he was my best love but now I miss the biscuits more. Hehe. I didn’t find them for a long while then I met nate who was young and cute and me move in with me. He take me there one day and said they the best biscuits in the world and it was your place and I put the apple butters on them and it was like going to heaven. I use to go there every day and get a dozen of them but I get them all threw the day. Even my old dog like them but he died and it made me sad. And soon I open a joint bank accout and Nate thougt it mean for joints I think cause he spent it all on joints and then leave me broke. So now I am between employedment and have a job coming up to be an elf for a santa who goes to places where they need santas but that don’t start for a little while may be after Thanksgiving. Can you give me a giftcard for my loyally and so I can taste your biscuits again for getting ready for my new job. I will be a loyalist customer again once I am back on the job market. Thanks and bless you all. "


Anonymous Joel said...

I'm sure you guys probably sent this fool a coupon or something. I think you be better off if he never darkened your door again. Sounds like Nate is a real jewel.

Joel Anonymous

11:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to laugh at a "decapitated" man but that letter was hilarious!!

4:38 AM

Blogger Brian said...

Yes.... that Nate sounds like a real catch! I'm surprised that I haven't dated him or asked him to rent a room from me yet!

1:42 PM


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