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Friday, November 09, 2007

Newest Addition to the Fleet!

We added another vehicle to the Biscuit Mobile Fleet this week! One of our Kitchen Managers, William, got his pick-up truck wrapped yesterday! It's really cool, and will look great following my car in the Pride Parade next year!

Our fleet is back up to 3 now! We lost one member of the FB Mobile team a couple of weeks ago-- Tanecia had her car "unwrapped".

There is at least one other FB car out there somewhere. I saw it once at our headquarters about a year ago. I don't know who drives it, probably some corporate officer of Raving Brands. I would love to get a picture of all of our cars together someday, but for today I'll just have to be happy with a picture of 2 of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it will. You will also meet the love of your life very soon.....I think it is someone you already know.

2:53 PM


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