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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas-- Almost all wrapped up!

I think I have pulled off a miracle! After a few last minute internet purchases, a couple of stops at Camp Creek Marketplace and an early morning run to Fedex, I feel confindent that my presents will all arrive to my families homes in time for Christmas! Unfortunately, I will have to send a follow up package to Memphis because I found out today that the items I purchased for the kids did not include a crucial part! I don't think my Memphis family reads my blog, so I guess I can tell you what I left out. I got them each a digital picture frame. If you aren't familiar with these, they are the coolest things in the world! You can download pictures from your computer or camera onto a memory card, insert the memory card into the frame and then you can view a slideshow of all of your pictures on the frame. You can change the pictures as often as you'd like, too. The bad thing is, the frames don't come with memory cards! Without the card, it's useless. So, I purchased a couple of cards tonight and will get them in the mail on Monday.

I got a digital frame for Delia, too. I'm going to download all of the pictures I've taken of Biscuit events onto it for her. I think it'll turn out cool-- and I know that she'll love it.

I have a couple of more purchases to make tomorrow. Lot's of wrapping to do, too. But after that I can officially declare that shopping is finished (with a day to spare!) and get on with enjoying what's left of the holiday season!


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