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Friday, December 21, 2007

Suprise Gift!

Several of my purveyors were invited to our company "holiday" party this week. Only a few showed up. My favorite purveyor is Brad from Workhorse. Brad prints all of our T-shirts that we sell at the Biscuit. I've worked with Brad for several years now and he does quality work at a great price--- always dependable and ready to accept a challenge at anytime!

Anyway~~ when Brad arrived, he had 2 wrapped gifts in his hand. One was for me and the other was for Delia. I didn't have a gift to give him in exchange, dammit! But, it was a small box-- I figured that it might be a box of candy or something like the rest of the vendors give out at Christmas time. I was a little busy at the time with making sure the party was running smoothly. I put the gift in my bag and continued working. A little while later, Delia asked me if I had opened mine yet. She hadn't had time to open hers either. We took a moment and opened out gifts. We were shocked!

In those little boxes were Ipods!! Not just Ipods, but the top of the line Ipods-- 80GB! I already had an Ipod Nano (8GB) and I was happy with it-- but an 80GB Ipod!!!!!! Those things sell for about $400 each! What a great present!!!! With the new Ipod, I can download full-length movies and TV shows.

Do I really need two Ipods? Probably not. I'll probably still use my original Ipod at the gym and in the car (I have an Ipod connection to my radio). Mom gave me a Bose Ipod docking station for my birthday, so I'll use the new Ipod in the house with the docking station-- It makes for an incredible stereo that is sufficient for my house.

I asked Brad if he was crazy. Why would you give me such an expensive gift? My family doesn't spend that much on me! He told me that the Biscuit was his biggest client and he wanted to show appreciation for all of the business that we've steered his way this year.

I've got the new Ipod all set up now and I've downloaded several music videos, TV shows and 1 movie already!

Thanks for the gift, Brad. I can't imagine that anyone can top this one this year!!!


Blogger epgraves said...

Wow, I think that the biggest deal of all of this is that you, and only you shared in this along with Delia. You got a gift totally equal to and just as extravagant as the big cheese got... that is a huge freaking compliment!

12:15 AM


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