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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Senior Moments!


Anonymous Angie said...

Came across your blog while flipping through, and these pictures are too funny! And congrats on the new relationship! I've been married almost 13 years and I do miss that beginning of the relationship feeling. Best wishes to you! And thanks for the laugh!

Have a great week!

4:25 PM

Blogger epgraves said...

Ok, this perfectly described my day having to deal with a senior who thinks that I am pointing out "Memory lapses" and even said "Your always pointing out that I have one foot in the grave". Bull, (Mrs. G.) If she puts something on the table and I see her do it, she walks out, come back in later and says, "Who put this here?" I assume that I am just answering a legit question and I say "You did"...WELL! She then say "NOW LISTEN, My memory is fine and I did not put it there! I get jumped like that because she is raw about aging or something.

I actually quit the Historical Society today because of it and told her so. I hung up and the phone kept ringing until I was "Less pissed" and she begged me not to quit followed by calls from the future prez telling me that if I quit, "I won't be accepting the office of Prez, without the nuts and bolts of the organization, just no point to go back to whipping dead horses ."

So, I just don't like anything that implicates that I am a lier or something else. So, this is your blog....here I go again....ME, ME, ME! I am haging around for the time because as the "Heir Apparent" I have to take some lashings before taking the throne....I guess. Who frig'n knows?

1:41 AM


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