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Friday, April 04, 2008

Attitude Adjustment...

The past couple of weeks have been hard. I've been getting up earlier and earlier to tackle catering jobsIn fact, most mornings I'm getting up around the time that Michael is going to bed (he's working nights). I pulled into the driveway tonight, just as he was leaving for work. I gave him a ride to MARTA, so at least we got to catch up for about 5 minutes. Thank God for cell phones and email-- otherwise we would barely have any contact at all.

Anyway-- I tried something new today. I had a consultaion with some potential clients this afternoon. I had planned on going to the gym afterwards, but decided that I would be too tired after a 12 hour day to attempt a workout. Around noon, it hit me! Why not have a midday workout? I went to the LA Fitness at Ansley Mall for the first time and did just that! I even ran into Dirk there- he was on his way out as I was coming in--- why is this becoming a trend in my life?

On the way to the gym, I was drinking a supplement drink (fruit flavored N.O.-Explode). I hit a pothole and spilled the drink all over my shirt. So... after the gym I stopped by Boy Next Door to see if they had any shirts that would be appropriate for my big meeting. I haven't been inside Boy Next Door in years. I remember being really turned off by how expensive everything was on my last visit. Today I didn't have much of an option, so I bit the bullet and enjoyed browsing. The guys that work there were super sweet, and even pointed out that they had pants in my size (and smaller!). How amazing to actually find men's pants that would fit me!!! I'm so used to shopping in the boy's department. Anyway, I found a really cool shirt and a great pair of jeans that the salesman said are "the latest trend". My shopping habits have always lured me to the clearance rack and I'm normally happy to find anything that fits me, as long as it doesn't cost more than $10. But today I felt like I needed to treat myself-- maybe if I had some stylish outfit I would get out of my funk.

It worked! The guys at BND picked out an outfit for me-- even let me wear it out of the store, after they snipped the tags. When I got back to the store, I received comments from the servers-- "I love that shirt! Where did you get it?", and "When can we start dressing that way at work?". On your days off, I replied!!!

The meeting went great and I'm pretty sure that I'll get the wedding gig. Maybe I've learned something here... maybe a midday workout (and occasional shopping spree) is just what I need to get out of this rut!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get to see you. When you sleep. I am even watching you....right...now......

11:18 PM

Blogger =^..^= Kitty =^..^= said...

Maybe they'd have something for me at BND (just kidding!!!). I sure need something to drag me out of my seemingly endless funk.

Good to see you yesterday. Big Hug!

11:35 AM


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