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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Turner South filmed a documentary at the Flying Biscuit today. A year ago, I was camera shy. Not anymore! Today, I played a waiter. If the show ever airs, you'll see me in the background waiting tables and running through the kitchen with a plate of biscuits in one hand and a couple of menus in the other. The shoot took about 4 hours of my day today, and for that I wasn't happy. I am so far behind with work- I've got stacks of urgent projects on my desk now and I'm doing so many other things instead. I feel like I'm not doing my job anymore- I'm doing so many jobs that didn't exist a year ago, on top of what I was hired to do. For example-- today I got to work a couple of hours early to deliver a catering order, then had a meeting to design our ad for Creative Loafing, then I had to babysit a camera man for a few hours, play the part of waiter, and end the day by delivering a dozen biscuits to the Gospel Network in College Park. Remind me again-- what is my job description? I was hired as a bookkeeper! Did I keep any books today? Don't get me wrong-- I love my job. I love that it's different every day and I get to try new things. But... for every minute that I'm standing behind the camera holding a cue card for Delia to read from, I'm neglecting something else that's crucial to the operations of a successful restaurant chain. I'm learning though-- national exposure and media coverage take priority over entering yesterday's sales into the spreadsheet and paying bills. Maybe I should've gone into advertising-- that's the one part of my job that I love, and most of my days seem to center around advertising the restaurant and finding the ultimate photo op.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brian! I feel for you, man! I work for a lady that gets lots of media attention, too. I do most of the work, and she gets credit for it. But on TV, I see myself running around in the background trying to make her look good. Sounds like we're in the same boat. Don't worry-- someday you and I will be in the spotlight--- maybe you'll be first. You're a great writer- you keep me coming back here every day! Maybe you should focus on that.

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