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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Birthday Interview with Melisha

Today is one of my very best friend's birthday. A milestone one, at that! He's 50 years old today-- half a century/ 5 decades/ 18,250 days! In honor of his birthday, I wanted to interview him for my Blog and find out some of the things I've always wanted to know about him and his alter ego, Melisha Manchaser. Bruce has performed as Melisha for decades and he's the most famous drag queen that I can truly call a friend. I've had lots of drag queen friends in my life, but Bruce impresses me more than any of the others, and continues to wow me every time I see him perform. We're friends off stage, and sisters on stage. He's a role model to me in many ways. Happy Birthday, Bruce! Now, on with the interview:

* Did you ever dress in drag before you appeared on stage?
Yes when I was young I use to play house with my two sisters and I was always the mother. Got caught one time and my mother spanked me so I just learned to use better padding. Then of course always on halloween, it always gave the little country boys a hoot!

* How old were you the first time you did drag for an audience?
Maybe not the type of audience you were referring to but when I was 16. I was Mrs. Clause in our church every third Sunday to raise money for the young people to be able to do things. Also that is where I learned real fast how to sit like a lady in church. That in itself is a whole different story. But I so did love the youth pastor after that!

* Who was your biggest tipper-- does anyone stand out?
My biggest tipper was to be my first lover, Jarold Brady. At the time he was the owner of a bar in Chicago. I went there for talent night and that same night he tipped me the most I have ever been tipped.

* What are your favorite songs/artists that you like to perform?
I can't say I have any one favorite of songs/artists. Of course when I was young, if they was popular and fast then I did it. Now that I am a grandmother of 5, a lot slower is perferred.

* Did you have an arch-enemy drag queen?
I really don't want to say, I am to old to run fast and the bitch would hunt me down and hang me by my garter belt.

* Is there a song that you haven't performed yet, but always wanted to?
Yes," Rock This Country" by Shania Twain

* Has any member of your immediate family ever seen you perform on stage, or in drag?
All of my immediate family has seen me at one time or another.

* Describe your favorite drag costume.
I really don't have one that I can remember that really sticks out to be a favorite. Unless it could be the one that I did "Strong Enough",by Cher. I can say I showed my ass in that!

* Do you prefer to have back up dancers, or do you like to perform alone?
I really love my boys. Lately I don't think I could've performed without them being able to help hide my flaws in the movement of the steps.

* Tell me about the best christmas present/birthday gift that you ever received
Christmas, it would of been the jeep that my second lover brought me. Birthday, God I have had so many I can't remember all of the gifts. But one that I love was just given to me by you. It's made by Arsenic & Apple Pie. It's a drag queen doll. Limited Edition of course!.

* What's in the future for Melisha Manchaser?
I think before long I will be packing things back up, if I can just stay off of e-bay and buying every sequin that I can fine!

If you don't take anything else away from here, just remember-" Officer I know my rights, I'm entitled to a phone call and a strip search."


Anonymous Bruce said...

Thank You Brian. I am also glad to have you as a personal friend. Love You

3:43 PM


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