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Thursday, October 20, 2005

King & Queen of East Point 2005

East Point, GA. The winners of the "East Point King & Queen 2005" contest were announced today and the award goes to Mr. Billy Bob Johnson and Ms. Keisha Lorraine. These socialites campaigned hard for the title, spending endless nights at the Corner Tavern and Flashback. Ms. Lorraine can often be found upstairs at the Tavern, dancing in front of the jukebox and accepting tips and free drinks, while Mr. Johnson is downstairs at Flashback wowing the kareoke crowd with his rendition of Jimmy Buffet's "Why Don't We Get Drunk & Screw", and "Boot Scoot Boogie".
According to Ms. Lorraine, they met at Hooter's (where she is currently employed, part time). "He came in and sat right down in one of my booths. He smiled at me and my heart went pitter-pat. I hadn't seen a man with a full set of teeth in years. I guess that's what I was attracted to the most- he had teeth!", said Lorraine.
Ms. Lorraine and Mr. Johnson (currently unemployed) appeared on the Jerry Springer show earlier this year. Johnson surprised his fiance (or as he says "financee") by announcing that he was having affairs with Keisha's mother, aunt, cousin and brother. There was a lot of foul language and chair throwing, but by the end of the episode the couple made up (after the results of the paternity and HIV tests were revealed).
Lorraine has numerous awards under her belt (Miss Newman's Recycling Center 2003, Miss Washington Road Seafood & Soulfood Cafe 2004, Orrion Farm's "Queen of the Ball" rodeo 2005 & Miss Galaxy Grocery 2005), but she still says that meeting Billy Bob was the best award she's ever received. "I try not to get a big head; I just want to be treated like anyone else."
The wedding is planned to occur in the early Spring of 2014; "Unless someone better comes along!", jokes Johnson.
Congratulations to the happy couple. We wish them years of happiness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've absolutely outdone yourself on this one!! It's hysterical. Am I the only one who noticed where Keisha has her hand on the photo???

6:04 AM

Blogger Daphne Ruth Jenkins said...

Congratulations! The two of you obviously worked so hard on attaining this great honor. It was a blast working with you on "Life Is A Drag". Hopefully, we can do something together again very soon.


P.S. I absolutely love your blog. Hilarious!

10:03 AM


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