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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dream Boy

I had some strange dreams last night. It started off with me and someone I didn't know standing in a field somewhere looking into the sky. The sky looked weird- the clouds were circling in tight bunches. Then we realized that they weren't clouds, but flocks of birds all flying in tight formations. My companion whispered "That's a good omen" in my ear. The next part of the dream was strange too- we were shopping for a house. The house he liked was not my favorite. It had linoleum floors throughout- mostly white with black specks. "He" told me that the floors could be replaced and it'd be incredible. The real estate agent, Teresa Nelson, agreed. The three of us walked into the backyard and it was the same field that I had stood in earlier in the dream. The three of us watched the birds for a while- still forming circles of clouds in the sky. Teresa went to her car to get a "Sold" sign for the front yard. The guy said to me "I told you the birds were a good omen". I said "I love you" and he said "I love you more". I don't remember what the guy in my dream looked like or what his name was; just that wonderful feeling of being in love. I had forgotten how magical that could feel. Just when I was at my happiest, the alarm clock went off and reality slapped me in the face once again.


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