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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pure Talent!

I'm blessed to have so many talented friends. Some are gifted at decorating, some are great bakers or great artists. Some have the ability to write stories that take me away to far away places. Some can paint pictures (with acrylics or words) of things I've only seen in my dreams.
My father was an art teacher; my mother was an English teacher. From an early age, I was brought up to admire both art and the artists, words and the writers of the words. I'm often jealous at the fact that my words don't flow as easily as other's and my sketches are mere stick figures in comparison to other's drawings.
About 6 months ago, I met the most talented person that I've ever met in my life. Her name is Peggy Jean. She was hired as the Executive Chef at the Biscuit and we became close friends quickly. We shared a love for people, and a tiny space we like to call an office. She has a desk; I have a desk in the same room. Other than that, you wouldn't really call it an ofice. PJ's desk area is small and cramped- literally next to the furnace that heats and cools the building. My desktop, until recently, was a piece of plywood placed on top of two filing cabinets. The plywood is gone now, and has been replaced with a section of kitchen counter that was formally known as Delia's desk, before we got the spare bathroom remodeled and Delia got her own office and desk.
Anyway-- PJ won me over immediatley. She shared her drawings, her writings, her food and her life. She has a positive spirit and I admire that so much. Her drawings are incredible, her life is fascinating and uplifting. I'm proud to call her my friend.
Peggy Jean's blog (biscuit likker) is listed in my links on this webpage-- if you aren't a regular reader of hers, you will be after you check it out. To see more of her art, click on the title of this post ("Pure Talent!") and I promise that you'll be amazed and addicted.
PJ's latest work in progress is a children's book about a little biscuit that wants to fly. I've seen some of the illustrations and read some of the story line. As soon as she finishes the book, it'll definately be published and available for purchase in the Flying Biscuit giftshop.


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