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Friday, December 23, 2005

Man of the Day: Nick Lachey

Nicholas Scott "Nick" Lachey, born November 9, 1973 in Harlan, Kentucky, was a member, alongside his brother Drew Lachey, of the boy band 98 Degrees.

Nick Lachey was on summer break from studying Sports Medicine at Miami University in Ohio when he got an invitation from a high school friend to join an up-and-coming vocal group in Los Angeles. Nick had always been torn between his loves of sports and music, but it appeared that music would win out this time. Shortly after joining Jeff in California, Nick realized that his friend, Justin, and his brother, Drew, would fit perfectly in the group. A few phone calls, several plane flights, and thousands of driving miles later, the foursome was complete.

All four albums released by 98 Degrees went platinum. In the fall of 2002, Lachey went solo and in November 2003 he released his first album, SoulO, which is generally considered to have been a flop(sold over 105,000 copies), despite the success of Newlyweds and the fact that a song from the album, "This I Swear", is the show's theme song.

Lachey played Leslie St. Clair on the witch drama series Charmed for six episodes.
Lachey has now signed with Jive records and is preparing for his next album.
12/26/05 Update:
Check the picture below-- this could be the pen that Nick stole from "Anonymous":


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nick lachey is not a nice man. not really. i mean, he may be nice to his mother and i am sure as a young boy he did good things to earn a merit badge in boyscouts. however...i met mr. lachey (i do not feel familiar enough with him to call him "nick".) while attending a seminar on flipping houses for profit. the real estate market was a lot hotter back then than it is now. anywho, mr. lachey was in a big hurry to get his "peel and stick" name tag on before anyone else and wound up not only tripping an elderly gentleman who was interested in refurbishing mobile home parks, but he grabbed my nice blue pen from me and did not return it. nick lachey is not a nice man. and he still has my pen. i am sure of it.

8:12 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Dear Anonymous...

Check out this link- it's a picture of Nick signing an autograph: http://www.celebrityautographs.com/images/proof/a_822_Nick_Lachey.jpg

It's a small picture, but you might be able to enlarge it and see if that is your pen he's still signing autographs with.

5:50 PM


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