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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Man of the Day: Enrique Iglesias

Born in Madrid in 1975, Enrique grew up immersed in three cultures -- Latin, European and American. His parents divorced when he was three and, when he was eight, his mother sent him and his siblings to live with their father in Miami. Enrique led the life of a typical Miami teen. But what his family did not know was that Enrique was secretly writing songs and dreaming of stardom. After a year at the University of Miami, he decided to follow his heart. In 1995 he sang for his soon-to-be manager, who at Iglesias' insistence first shopped his demos under the name Enrique Martinez. It wasn't until he landed a record deal with Fonovisa that he told his parents of his aspirations.
His self-titled debut, recorded in Spanish, sold more than a million copies in its first three months (more than seven million to date). He followed up in 1997 with "Vivir," which broke into the U.S. Top 40 and enjoyed global sales topping five million. The album also launched his first world tour: 78 venues in 16 countries (including 19 arenas in the U.S.). His next tour in 1998 was in support of "Cosas Del Amor."
Now Enrique Iglesias moves on to the next chapter. And though the secret to any artist's success is constant growth, Enrique says there is one thing that will never change: his striving for that next great song and next great album. "That's the challenge, that's the fun," he says. "That's what will always drive me. I keep having to prove myself."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i once met enrique. we were in the same skiing class in denver one year. he did not say much in class but it was apparent he was worried he would be recognized. could you imagine being enrique, on the bunny slopes being schooled by children only to have some middle-aged mom shout out, "look! it's enrique! he doesn't look anything like his father!" which is true enough. but then, he doesn't look anything like his mother either.
enrique is a very nice man. he just is a bit of a tool on a set of skis.and he does not look like either of his parents.

8:25 PM


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