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Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Like a Dog on Linoleum"

I went to see Leslie Jordan's one-man-show tonight with my friends Wayne, Michael and Dewberry. Of course, we loved the show and got a chance to talk to Leslie afterwards and get that all-important celebrity photo-op that I'm getting famous for! I realized tonight that I need to get a picture of myself with Dewberry-- his appearance on "Hell's Kitchen" last year has turned him into a reality show icon! People in the audience recognized him; people on the street afterwards called out his name as we walked past. I've never really thought of Dewey as a celeb, I guess because we were friends before he went on TV, but he's really catapulted himself into the celebrity arena. He's already recorded a voice over for an episode of a new animated series that should be airing on Cartoon Network soon; he's also making a guest start appearance at the Reality TV Stars Convention in Nashville, TN in June. I better strike while the iron is hot and get a picture with him soon for my "Brushes with Greatness" album on my PhotoSite (see link to the right)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be fabulous if Leslie Jordan would attend or participate in the Drag Show for P.A.L.S. on June 17th??? Dewberry too!!!

7:26 AM


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