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Sunday, May 28, 2006

On the "B List" Again

I guess that Melisha and I fall under the "Local Celebrities" category. I guess that's a step up- last year we were referred to in the "Many More" category. But-- I guess if you aren't a "Possum", part of the "Jenkin's Clan" or Gigi Monroe, you really aren't worthy of mention.
BTW, although the ad doesn't mention it, there will be a celebrity guest appearance by Dewberry, from TV's "Hell's Kitchen" show. Maybe Dewberry is also B-Listed under the "Local Celebrities" category.
I'm sorry if this is making me look like a Diva-- complaining about who gets top billing (or billing at all). I really don't care if my name is on the ad or not. It would be nice, but it's not something that I would get in a snit about. No one really asked my opinion to begin with. The Possums do do a lot of work to pull this benefit off, and the rest of us pretty much just arrive the night of the show. I don't really have any right to complain about how things are done, if I don't offer to help do these things.
Thanks, Daphne, for sending me a copy of this ad all the way from Louisville! It's a great ad! I'm glad that you'll be able to make it to HOTlanta to be in the show! It'll be fun to see you again.


Blogger epgraves said...

Kevin is making me come see his act. Guess I am burned out from all of the drag I did in the late 80's at sci-fi conventions. I originated and started the "Drag Race Shows".

Might as well show. Like the poster, Campy is good.

8:24 PM

Blogger Daphne Ruth Jenkins said...

Hey Keisha,

Can't wait to work with you again at the show. We really need to hang out more this time. Who's hosting the after-party?

Don't feel bad about the billing, girl. I had suggested that they list "Daphne Ruth Jenkins and the Girls of Drag-O-Drama" and Prissy just mumbled something about issues with space and the layout.


4:47 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Prissy also mentioned that I would have to share a dressing room again this year! No respect from that one!!! I tell you what-- I better have abowl full of green M&M's in that shared dressing room, or this girl ain't doing a show!!!! I hope I don't sound too much like a diva! Nah, I think it's only reasonable!!!!

As far as I know, the after party will be at the Corner Tavern-- a very short walk (across a long bridge) from the Wagon Works. We always go there after the show-- in full drag-- and we get lots of attention. Hope you'll join us there after the show! Smooches!

10:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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