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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Hottest Bartender in LA

My former roommate was entered into an AOL contest to determine the "Hottest Bartender in LA". Somehow, he's made it into the top 5 and was in first place when I first found it online yesterday. Christian is a great guy-- we had an on again, off again relationship for about 5 years. I met Chris when I lived at the Cotton Mill lofts. He lived on the 2nd floor, and I lived right above him on the 3rd. Before we met, we saw each other many times. We both had dogs and we'd pass each other on our dogwalks and say hello and that was about it. One day he left a note on my door-- on a Mickey Mouse Post-It. It said something like "Let's get together- here's my #". I was flattered and, of course I called. We finally met and got to know each other and spent the first of countless nights staying up all night-- listening to music, watching videos, decorating and redecorating our lofts together. I'd never had a stormy relationship before- he was the first. At times we hated each other, at times we loved each other. Sometimes we found that we were all that each of us had in this world.
I moved to East Point and he soon followed. He moved in with me and we spent several years arguing and making up. He is the only person that I've ever been able to argue with in my whole life. In most arguments, I clam up and do my best to make peace. When I argued with Chris, I went at it hard. I argued back, I stood up for myself and he did the same. It was a very unique relationship for me. He comes to visit once or twice a year, and I know that when he's here it's nothing but honesty. We'll tear each other to shreads, borrow each other's clothes and swear that we look better in the other guy's outfit. He knows all of my secrets and I know all of his.
So now he's about to be voted "the hottest bartender in LA"-- how cool is that? You know I love being linked to celebs, and this contest is just a stepping stone. If he wins this, he might move on to greatness. I've got all the dirt on him and I'd be willing to sell my story to the tabloids in a heartbeat!
Good luck, Chris! I really hope you win. It'd be cool if I could refer to one of my ex's as LA's "Hottest Bartender"!
Click the link below to vote for Christian:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for him last night and sent him an e-mail. Also voted for him this morning as I'll do until the end of the contest. He's currently #1. How cool is that???

5:58 AM

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