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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Surprise B'day Party

I ran into my cousin Mary in the lobby of the Gastonia Hampton Inn last Friday. She invited me to her Father's Surprise birthday party that night. She had it all planned out-- we'll have 2 German chocolate cakes, we'll have balloons, presents, cards, etc. I said it sounded like fun. Then, Mary asked if I would mind going to the store and getting the cakes, the balloons, the candles and some cards.
Joel and I went to the store and bought everything we would need for a birthday party. We were walking into the hotel lobby, carrying the cakes and balloons, when we saw Uncle Hub getting off the elevator. Joel quickly handed me the cakes and made his way into the lobby. I was standing there holding two cakes and bouqet of Birthday balloons. I didn't want Uncle Hub to see me, so I hid behind a ficus tree. Hubby looked towards the ficus a few times, but never let on that he might have seen me. Joel was busy trying to distract him.
After the wedding rehearsal dinner, we all met in the hotel lobby and got ready for the big surprise party. Unfortunately, the power was still out, following a huge storm we had earlier in the evening. We sat in the darkened lobby until Hubby arrived. We all shouted "Surprise!!!" and later he enjoyed opening the one gift that he got, opened all of the cards that I bought for varius family members to give him and he devoured the German chocolate cake.


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