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Friday, April 20, 2007

"Farmer Brian"

I was able to leave work early today and decided to make good use of a sunny day! I cut the grass and planted vegetables! I have 3 tomato plants, 6 banana pepper plants & 3 jalapenos! I guess in 72 days I'll be able to make homemade salsa!

If I can remain motivated, I will work on a real veggie garden tomorrow. I've got a 5 foot stip of property that runs along the outside of my backyard fence. I want to dig that grass up and plant all kinds of things: squash, green beans, strawberries, carrots, more tomatoes -- maybe even pumpkins or watermelons! I'm most excited about the beans. It'd be perfect to grow them on my fence. There's nothing better than picking veggies and cooking them right off the vine.


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