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Monday, April 23, 2007

Lucky Me!

I narrowly escaped a huge disaster last night! It seemed like a good idea to cook some string beans last night. I've been talking about beans on the blog for a couple of days now, and I got the urge to have some with supper last night. I spent about an hour stringing the beans and then put them on the stove to cook. I sat on the sofa and started watching TV. I didn't realize how tired I was, but I dozed off quickly. I awoke (3 hours later) to the sound of my alram clock going off. I layed there on the sofa for a few minutes- trying to figure out if it was morning already. Why was my alarm going off at this time of night. I finally came out of my daze and realized that it was the smoke alarm! I instantly thought of the beans and ran to the smoke-filled kitchen. There was no fire, but the beans were absolutely cremated in the pot on the stove. Thank God I had a smoke alarm! Otherwise, who knows how bad it could've been! I didn't sleep too well after that-- mostly because of the stinch that continued to hover, and the thought that I came close to burning down the house. It's been 24 hours now, and the whole house still smells like smoke. I've got all of the windows open and the fans are turning-- hopefully the smell will be gone soon!


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