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Monday, May 21, 2007

As Seen on TV

I've been catering breakfast to the CWTV studio every Friday for about a year now. There are about 20 cast and crew members on the "Autoscoop" show, and I provide them breakfast each week, in exchange for a mention in their closing credits. Sometimes they even drink out of Flying Biscuit coffee cups on the air, and once in a while they mention the restaurant. Although I've had this arrangement with them for a while now, I've never had the opportunity to see the show until this week (I finally remembered to Tivo it!). I puased the tape and snapped this photo. I think I will get in touch with the Produver this week and ask her to change the credit to say "Catering Provided by...". instead of "Food Provided by". Lots of people are loyal diners of the Biscuit, but they don't know that we cater... I like to get that "catering" word out there as much as possible. Speaking of catering-- it's time to take that Tylenol PM and try to get to sleep before 6:30pm-- I have a huge job for Sprint in the morning that requires me getting to work by 2am to make 300 biscuits before the prep team arrives. Good night!


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