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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Grand Opening Party Re-Visit

Here are a couple of the pics that were taken the night of the Buckhead Flying Biscuit's Grand Opening party! In the car with me are (left to right): Molly Gunn (Raving Brands), Q100's Jeff Dauler (FB co-owner), John Slocum (FB co-owner), Kempten Roberts of Green Olive Media, Shonna Domitrivitch (Raving Brands), Delia Champion (FB Founder), Elizabeth Moore (Green Olive Media).

Maybe this will be a tradition at the Grand Opening parties in the future?? All of the new franchisees pile in the car with Delia, our PR firm and me! That cool be a cool section to ad to the Flying Biscuit scrapbook! Two more stores are scheduled to open in August (East Cobb and Charlotte, NC), and another in September (Buckhead, Terminus Building).


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