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Friday, April 11, 2008


Someone is hacking my Blog!!! It is safe to read my Blog, but if you read the comments sections you might find short embedded messages that encourage you to "click here" to see the comments. If you follow their advice and "click here", you WILL get a virus on your computer! We accidentally clicked on one of the hyperlinks a couple of days ago and the virus worm took over my computer. I have Norton and McAfee installed, and somehow this virus got past both of them.

I purchased a new protection program (XoftSpy) and it deleted the virus and restored everything. It cost me $40 (a lot cheaper than the last virus cost me to fix, the last time I had to buy a new computer!) to repair the damage.

I've seen this same message pop up in my comments section at least 6 times in the past week. I don't know of any way of stopping the comments from appearing, nor any way to protect you from this threat of a virus. I could change my security settings to not allow anonymous posters to comment, but that would take away most of the people that do post comments, so I won't do that. All I can say is DO NOT click on any hyperlink contained in any of the comments posted on "Life of Brian".




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