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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Big Brother 7- All Stars

Most of probably already know that I am a Reality TV addict. I don't know why I enjoy this venue so much. I guess it's one of those guilty pleasures that we're supposed to be ashamed to admit (like my closeted desire to hear Barry Manilow singing "Copa Cabana"). Out of all of the Reality TV shows out there, Big Brother is my favorite. I've watched every episode for the past 7 seasons. Not an easy thing to do, because the first year it aired every night. In the years to follow, you really had to pay attention because it might be scheduled to air on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm- but Julie Chen (the hostess) would always announce at the end of the show that the next airing would be at 9pm on Thursday, or 1am on Tuesday, etc. I don't know why they could never get locked into a time slot. But at least this year has been consistent. It airs on CBS on Tuesdays, Thursday and Sundays at 8pm.

This year they brought back houseguests from previous years to compete. I like that concept- I already know all of the players and their strategies, but it's cool to see them inter-acting with each other for the first time. My favorite houseguest is Janelle. She won me over last season, and this year she's the bomb! She seems to win just about every competition. Even the one competition that she lost was replayed the following week and crowned her as the winner (there were technical difficulties, so they had to replay the game). She's playing and winning all of the games, but not making smart decisions, in my opinion. She needs to nominate and evict the members of Chill Town (Mike and Will). They have made it obvious that they would evict her if given the chance. Yet, whenever she has to nominate someone, she struggles over it and then ends up nominating some obscure houseguest that I had even forgotten was on the show. Get rid of Will! He won Season 2- he's the only houseguest this season that ever won the big prize-- he should be the number one enemy and first choice for nomination. Yet, here we are in week 7 and no one has nominated Will- even after he gathered everyone together and admitted that he hated every one of them, and he wanted to go home. They still didn't evict him.

Anyway, it's been fun this year- we're about half way through it and I've seen some of my favorites leave already- Kaysar and Jase. Tonight, Marcelles is on the chopping block- although he's the only gay houseguest and I should be routing for him, I've wanted him gone since day one. Hopefully they'll send him packing tonight.


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