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Friday, June 15, 2007

City Life

If you have Thursday's edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, be sure to check out the front page of the City Life section. They did an article on local neighborhoods and what defines them. Candler Park was selected and they said that the Flying Biscuit defines the neighborhood. It's a short article (see below), but pretty cool. The strange thing about it is the picture: It's an outside shot of the Biscuit- a close-up of the catering banner hanging outside- with my cell phone number (the catering hotline) blatantly printed on the front page. It's great advertising-- I should get some phone calls and orders from this article/picture alone. I'll post the picture as soon as I can find it online.


What does the store sign on an intown cozy street read? The Flying Biscuit Cafe? You must be in Candler Park.
Once you get to Little Five Points, follow your nose. Walk east toward Decatur.
Your nasal glands soon will pick up the sizzling scent of frying eggs, chicken sausages and, of course, fresh biscuits.
At the corner of McLendon Avenue and Clifton Road is a tiny merchant district that defines the heart of Candler Park. That's where you'll find the appetite temptress —- Flying Biscuit Cafe.
Can an eatery define an area? In Candler Park, it already has.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's probably the supplement. However, stress is deadly (or at least debilitating.) If you don't want to end up like me: hermit-like, going to the shrink and generally not having much fun --- well, just keep it up. By the way, how's the new assistant working out?

You are cute enough without having to be tan. Today, I'm off to the dermatologist to have 2 skin cancers removed from my face. Doc says its a latent result from frying during childhood and adolescense(sp?). Ain't this fun???

8:46 AM

Blogger Brian said...

The assistant I hired was a no-show on his first day of work, so it's back to the drawing board. I've got about 50 more applications to go through-- hopefully the perfect person is somewhere in this folder and I'll find them in the next couple of weeks!

Good luck with the dermatologist today!

3:30 PM


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