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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Goldfish Hunters!

Steve and I were able to capture most of the goldfish from the pond at the EPHS yesterday. There was 1 that eluded us, so he is now living in the big pond by himself for a while, at least until he can be caught. Steve plans to keep this last one in a goldfish bowl at the EPHS. I lost track of how many fish we caught, but I'd estimate about 20-25. They all survived the trauma of the move and are doing fine this morning in their new home. My pond is much smaller than the one at the EPHS, but I think they'll learn to like the new environment. They have plants and rocks and interesting things to see and do! Thanks, Steve, for making the donation to my pond, and for devoting so much of your day to helping me catch the fish. Also, thanks go to Beverly too for bringing us some icecream bars to eat on while on the hunt!

I found out yesterday that my dog, Clara, has been getting out of the fence. She doesn't go far, just into my next door neighbor's fenced-in backyard. After a little searching, I found a section of the fence that was rusted and broken. Luckily Janice had an extra roll of fencing in her basement, so I was able to replace a 10' section and the backyard is now secure.


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