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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Keisha's Fanily Reunion

Me & Keisha (or is it Keisha & me?) took the long drive down to Talking Rock, GA to attend her family reunion last weekend. After going to the reunion last year, I tried to talk her out of it. I really didn't want to see none of them again so soon. Keisha didn't really want to go either- she got a big show coming up in a couple of weeks and she said that she needed to have a little mirror time to practice her numbers. But, once she realized that there was a mirror on the passenger side sun visor of my pickup, she said that we should attend. We took the long drive down to south GA, with Keisha lip-singing the whole way to the most rediculous songs I ever heard.

Anyway, below is the pictures from the reunion. I can't remember none of them's names and I really hope that I don't see none of them again in this lifetime. I can't believe that I married into this gene pool. It was like a weird cross between a freak show and a Hee Haw reunion. At least they had a few kegs and some decent food.
Billy Bob


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