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Friday, June 15, 2007

Follow-up to the Late Night Post

Maybe my cries for help are finally being heard. Two Managers came in on their day off and volunteered to do some of my deliveries for me. The prep team came in early and did the fruit platter and all of the boxed breakfasts for me. I only had one delivery to do, and everyone rushed to my car afterwards to help me unload. Delia took me to the Sprint store and bought me a new cell phone. I received an email requesting a meeting with me on Monday for my annual review and the results of the contract that I've been negotiating. The email was signed with a P.S. "It's good news for you!".

Now I've got a new fear-- I must be dying! Why else would everyone suddenly start treating me so nicely over night? I found out the answer to this question later in the day. It turns out that Delia berated everyone at the Manager's meeting yesterday. I wasn't able to attend, and in my absence all of the Manager's were told off for not helping me more. Thank God for Delia! She's always looked out for me, and I really can't put into words how much I appreciate it.


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