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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not Again!!!

"Big Brother" started again last week-- I can't believe that I'm going to get sucked into this again-- for the 8th year! It is a good show-- very interesting-- but why does it have to air 3 nights a week? They start off with a schedule like Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:00pm. Within a couple of weeks, Julie Chen (the host) will announce at the end of the show "be sure to tune in Saturday at our special time 9:30pm". On the next show, Julie will tells us that the Friday episode will be moved to 8:30pm. By the end of the season it's probably best just to leave your TV tuned to CBS 24/7 or you'll miss the finale. All I can say is thank God for Tivo!

I've only seen 1 episode of this season so far, and I am already totally against one of the players, Joe (not pictured here). He needs to be kicked out of the house ASAP. He is the biggest, gayest drama queen on the planet. I really want him gone soon, or there will be a miserable three months in my future. He gives gays a bad name! Second in line on my wishlist is that jen (also not pictured here), will follow Joe out the door the following week. She's his equal when it comes to drama. In the episode that I saw, she was upset over one of the pictures that was taken of her. It was a very nice picture, I didn't see anything wrong with it. Well, she cried and cried and went into hysterics because it was such a bad picture. The rest of the houseguests tried to comfort her, but she was inconsoleable! I'm sure they were all thinking "what a crazy bitch-- let's vote her off first!".


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