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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Chain Gang at Work

Earlier this week, I got a wild hair and decided that my pond was missing one important feature-- a waterfall. I looked everywhere for a preformed pond with a waterfall feature, but I struck out everywhere I went. I did find a kit at Lowe's that included a large preformed pond and a smaller pond with a waterfall feature. I couldn't buy them separately, of course, so I bought the whole kit. I spent the whole day on Wednesday installing the small pond. I put it just behind my existing pond and it looked great after I got the rocks in place. The larger pond from the kit sat in the backyard for a couple of days. I really had no use for it, and didn't know of anyone that would want it.

It finally struck me-- why not go ahead and install it next to the other two ponds? Easier said than done! Michael and I worked on the newest pond most of the day on Friday-- digging the hole, carting wheelbarrows full of rocks from the backyard, spreading mulch and planting flowers. I am very happy with the outcome, though. Thanks for the all of the help, Baby! I owe you one!

Today, I installed lights in all of the ponds-- I can't wait til it gets dark so I can see the whole thing illuminated. It's going to be so cool! The neighborhood cats were the first to give me their approval! I'll have to have a dinner party sometime soon-- maybe a garden party so I can show off the pond! It's going to be even cooler once the canna lillies and black-eyed susans start filling in.

I know-- I'm a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to my pond. I spent most of last Summer standing in the yard admiring it. Now that almost all of the front garden is filled with ponds, it'll be a full time job!


Blogger =^..^= Kitty =^..^= said...

Hummmmmmmm.....two creatures from the Westwood lagoon!!! LOL

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